The official hotel of the 2016 Annual Meeting is the Hyatt Regency in the heart of the downtown Phoenix. The discounted rate is $169 per night. Hotel rooms are subject to availability.

The reduced group rate will be available until August 12, 2016. Reservations can be made over the phone and online. If you prefer to make reservations over the phone, please call the Hyatt at 1-602-252-1234. To receive the discounted rate, please be sure to mention you are attending the Western Museums Association's conference or WMA 2016. To make reservations online, please click the button below. 


As of Monday, August 1st, the inventory in KING Bedded Rooms at the Hyatt Regency Phoenix is nearly out. There are plenty of double bedded rooms available on all nights. Reserve your room today!




Need a roommate? Post and find one here


Learn more about the Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency Phoenix is located on 122 North Second Street, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, 85004.


Need a roommate? Post about it in the comment section below to connect with your fellow attendees!

The Western Museums Association is happy to provide this bulletin board, and is not reponsible for ensuring that attendees are paired as roommates.


Looking for a roommate, possibly from Hawaii

I would be happy to share my room with another attendee.  I thought I would check to see if anyone else is coming from Hawaii and would like to share...but I would be willing to share with anyone.

Need a room to share

If you have a room and are looking for a roomate, I am arriving Saturday the 24th and departing on Thursday the 29th and can split the cost.  Thank you.

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