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June 8, 2016
A chance to recognize unsung heroes of our profession…
not necessarily just for directors
The Western Museums Association (WMA) is accepting nominations for the 2016 Director’s Chair Award. This recognition is designed to showcase and acknowledge outstanding achievement in the museum profession. The Director’s Chair Award is presented annually to an individual who has had a significant and...
June 1, 2016
As you all know, the city of Fort McMurray has been devastated by a terrible wildfire. This fire has forced people from the community they live in and cherish.

A community that has been so profoundly devastated needs to find a way to rebuild its history and heritage, so the impact of this fire doesn’t destroy its past as well as its property.
A group of committed individuals has been working to...
May 16, 2016

The Western Museums Association (WMA) in partnership with the Museum Association of Arizona cordially invites you to the 2016 Annual Meeting in Phoenix on September 25-28, 2016. With CHANGE as the theme, the Annual Meeting will focus on the shifting museum landscape and how the field can adapt to rise anew. Learn more about the 2016 Annual Meeting. Together as a museum professional community, we...
April 27, 2016
by Harriet Lynn
Tour guides/docents are truly a museum’s “ambassadors”. They are the human interface between visitors to the collection, a special exhibit and/or to the institution itself.  Imaginative interpretation is not just for children. Learning and applying museum theatre skills and techniques, visualization and/or storytelling methods the museum-goer can experience additional value while...
April 18, 2016
By Kate Skelly 
Sandra Harris is the Executive Director of the Desert Caballeros Western Museum (DCWM). Founded in 1960, the Desert Caballeros Western Museum is located in Wickenburg, Arizona, an hour drive from downtown Phoenix. The mission of the DCWM is to “welcome and enrich diverse audiences by inspiring an appreciation of the art and history of the American West through creative exhibitions...
April 11, 2016
Professional conferences are a fantastic arena to learn and grow through attending sessions, networking with peers, and exposure to organizational, theoretical, and geographical perspectives. However, taking advantage of this type of opportunity often is a matter of finances.
The Western Museums Association (WMA) offers the Wanda Chin Scholarship to assist member’s financial needs and ultimately...
April 6, 2016
By Emily Turner
As educators we are often combating misperceptions about what it is that we do and what skills we bring to the table, from visitors and colleagues alike. These misunderstandings interact with a variety of larger systematic forces that result in a rather hostile working environment for a considerable proportion of emerging museum educators. Overworked and underpaid with little job...
April 1, 2016
WMA is looking to up-and-coming museum professionals and requesting submissions for the 2016 Poster Session.
The goal of the Poster Session is to showcase how CHANGE—the theme of WMA 2016—impacts the museum field. This Poster Session is an opportunity to obtain new insights, share ideas and projects, as well as network with museum colleagues in an informal setting.

WMA Board Member, Lorie...


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