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October 3, 2016
Dear WMA 2016 Annual Meeting Volunteers,
On behalf of the Western Museums Association (WMA) Board of Directors, staff, and members, I want to thank you for your work as a volunteer at the WMA 2016 Annual Meeting in Phoenix. WMA’s Annual Meeting provides museum professionals an opportunity to exchange ideas and best practices, network with colleagues, and learn more about museums in the Western...
September 13, 2016

By Kate Skelly
The benefits of having a mentor can be invaluable to professionals at any career stage. Mentors can help with setting and achieving career goals, learning new skills, or offering a fresh perspective when you are facing challenges at work. Mentor relationships don’t exclusively benefit the mentee alone, however. Many mentors report feeling a sense of satisfaction from being able to...
August 29, 2016
Amada Cruz is the Sybil Harrington Director of Phoenix Art Museum. Founded in 1959, Phoenix Art Museum is the largest visual arts museum in the Southwestern United States. The Museum is dedicated to being a vibrant destination connecting people to great art from around the world to enrich their lives and communities. Throughout the year, the Museum presents festivals, live performances,...
August 1, 2016
By Kate Skelly

Burnout is a problem in all sectors, but non-profit workers can be especially vulnerable to workplace fatigue. Many museum workers face expanding job responsibilities, long hours, and stagnant wages. Koven Smith does a good job of outlining the current spate of museum worker fatigue in his blog post, “Why are we so tired?”.
Becoming overwhelmed at work is not only bad for you,...
July 13, 2016
Kate Wells is the CEO of the Children’s Museum of Phoenix (CMOP). Located in the center of downtown Phoenix, the Children's Museum is dedicated to engaging the minds, muscles, and imaginations of children and the grown-ups who care about them. The Museum’s hands-on exhibits are designed for children from birth to age 10. The Museum focuses on learning through play, and encouraging experimentation...
June 23, 2016
Providing scholarships is a vital component of the WMA’s mission—and we need your help!
The WMA Annual Meeting features a Silent Auction in the Exhibit Hall and a spirited Live Auction during an Evening Event. Proceeds from the auctions directly fund the Wanda Chin Scholarship program, which helps to subsidize participation in the Annual Meeting for professionals who might otherwise not be able...
June 8, 2016
A chance to recognize unsung heroes of our profession…
not necessarily just for directors
The Western Museums Association (WMA) is accepting nominations for the 2016 Director’s Chair Award. This recognition is designed to showcase and acknowledge outstanding achievement in the museum profession. The Director’s Chair Award is presented annually to an individual who has had a significant and...
June 1, 2016
As you all know, the city of Fort McMurray has been devastated by a terrible wildfire. This fire has forced people from the community they live in and cherish.

A community that has been so profoundly devastated needs to find a way to rebuild its history and heritage, so the impact of this fire doesn’t destroy its past as well as its property.
A group of committed individuals has been working to...


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