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July 28, 2015
By Lauren Valone
Design thinking is a big buzzword these days, and is being applied in both corporate and not-for-profit settings. However, it is much more than simply thinking like a designer might. Indeed, design thinking is about combining analytical and creative methods to arrive at innovative solutions. Dana Mitroff Silvers, former Head of Online Services at the San Francisco Museum of...
July 23, 2015
By Chloe Verrey
Aside from four years of college, I have lived in San Jose, CA my entire life. In high school, I didn’t see much value in the place I called home. All I wanted was a place of my own, so I left. After four years living in Eugene, Oregon, I could not wait to get back to San Jose. How could such a short period of time change my mind? And now, years later, San Jose is more my home...
July 15, 2015
The San Jose Museum of Art (SJMA) celebrates new ideas, stimulates creativity, and inspires connection. Welcoming and thought-provoking, SJMA is known for its surprising and playful perspective on the art and artists of our time. Founded in 1969 by a grassroots campaign to form a municipal art gallery, the museum has grown over the decades and earned a reputation for unexpected and adventurous...
July 9, 2015
By Lauren Valone
James Tharp, Trustee, Telluride Historical Museum, former President of the Museum of Moab, and former Western Museums Association (WMA) Board Member, received the 2014 Director’s Chair Award. He is a passionate board member, always eager to learn more of the museum field, and has been involved with WMA for many years.
Aldona Jonaitis, Director of the University of Alaska Museum...
June 29, 2015
By Dr. Jennifer Kramer
On April 7, 2015 I participated in an author panel discussion called “Writing about First Nations” as part of the Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia’s Read Local BC campaign. I am an associate professor in the department of anthropology and one of the curators responsible for the Pacific Northwest collections at the Museum of Anthropology at the University...
June 23, 2015
Providing scholarships is a vital component of the WMA’s mission—and we need your help!
The WMA Annual Meeting features a Silent Auction in the Exhibit Hall and a spirited Live Auction during an Evening Event. Proceeds from the auctions directly fund the Wanda Chin Scholarship program, which helps to subsidize participation in the Annual Meeting for professionals who might otherwise not be able...
June 16, 2015
By Michaeleen Gallagher
When Sunnylands Center & Gardens opened to the public in 2012, the programs department was in uncharted waters. We had to build from the ground up. This created challenges both in being a new institution and wanting to be accessible and relevant to many audiences.
One area of particular concern was how to serve the young professionals in the desert. They occasionally...
June 10, 2015
By Claire Munoz
As the nation’s largest ethnic minority, Hispanics represent a vibrant source of audience for museums; yet make up less than 9% of museum visitors according to a 2008 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts. The 2010 United States (U.S.) Census reported the national Hispanic population has grown to 16%. The Western U.S. reflects...


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