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The Western Museums Association would like to formally congratulate the 20 latest museums from the West to be accepted into the American Alliance of Museum’s Museum Assessment Program (MAP). These museums deserve to be commended for their commitment to standards and institutional growth. The museums will complete a self-study and then have a consultative site visit with a peer museum...
By: Lauren Silberman
Imagine you’re out driving, and you’ve gotten lost. You didn’t bring a map, your GPS is on the fritz, your cell phone is dead, and there isn’t anyone around. Plus, it just started raining hard, and you need a gas station – soon. You know where you want to end up, but the journey to get there is no longer any fun.
Operating a museum can be much like the scenario above....
by Allyson Lazar (with hat tip to Ted Greenberg for pointing out the LA Times article)
The new "Survey of Public Participation in the Arts" was released on Thursday by the NEA.

According to a newly released NEA study, museum attendance is down. This may not seem news-worthy--we are in the middle of a recession for heaven's sake! But this December 14 article by Gregory Rodriguez from the LA...
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