Executive Director

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California Automobile Museum


2200 Front St
Sacramento, CA 95818

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Hiring Commitee



Job Description: 

California Automobile Museum
Executive Director

Museum Mission: The Mission of the California Automobile Museum (CAM) is to preserve,
exhibit and teach the story of the automobile and its influence on our lives.

General Job Description: The CAM Executive Director (ED) is the chief executive officer and
“face” of the Museum, responsible for fiscal leadership and general management and
operation of the museum, including programs, partnerships, budget, fundraising, public
relations, recruiting and marketing. The ED works closely with the Board of Directors, staff,
docents, and volunteers to develop, articulate, and implement the strategic direction of the
Museum in order to accomplish the Museum’s mission.

Key Responsibilities:
* Managing all aspects of museum operation, including budgets, finances, programs, staff,
and the physical plant, in an efficient and effective manner;
* Developing fundraising strategies, including capital campaigns, that bring in additional
outside revenue from public, corporate, foundation and individual sources, and effectively
balancing income and expenditures to assure the financial health of the Museum;
* Increasing local and regional public awareness of the mission and programming offered
by CAM in order to attract visitors, donors and volunteers to the Museum;
* Interacting with the Sacramento community, including patrons, donors, CAM members,
exhibitors, car clubs, schools, civic organizations, local and state government, docents and
volunteers, to ensure CAM reflects their needs and that its contributions are recognized;
* Developing a vision to move the Museum ahead while preserving the traditional qualities
from which the Museum has derived its success.

• A Bachelor’s Degree in Museum Studies, Business Administration or related degree;
• Proven ability to organize and manage a budget, monitor on-going financial
performance, and demonstrated success in fundraising and implementing a capital
• Significant experience as a leader or manager within a public museum or non-profit
with a comparable budget, or demonstrated management, analytical, and planning
skills that provide a potential to grow into this profile;
• Superior communication skills, and the ability to work with, implement policies of,
and report to the Board of Directors to carry out the mission of the Museum and the
vision of what the Museum is and can be;
• Experience in managing a staff and dealing with human resources and related
issues, including hiring, monitoring, evaluating, and terminating employees;
• An appreciation of the automobile and its impact on our lives and history.

Additional Notes on the Position:
* Reports monthly to the Board of Directors through the President of the Board;
* Employment is contingent upon a satisfactory background check;
* CAM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and Equal Opportunity Employer

Submit inquiries and Ressumes via email to hiring@calautomuseum.org