Workshop: Blanket Exercise and Tours of University of Alberta Museums

  • Wednesday, September 20
  • 1:00pm–5:00pm, Pre-Conference Workshop


Miranda Jimmy, Co-Founder, RISE – Reconciliation in Solidarity Edmonton
Celina Loyer, Aboriginal Programmer, Musée Héritage Museum.


Sharon Morin, Program Manager, Museum and Heritage Sites, Musée Héritage Museum / Director, Michif Cultural Connections

The Blanket Exercise is an interactive experience that teaches the Indigenous rights history people are rarely taught. Developed in response to the 1996 Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples, the exercise covers more than 500 years in a two hour workshop. Participants take on roles of Indigenous peoples: they will experience pre-contact, treaty making, colonization, and resistance. By engaging on an emotional level, the Exercise effectively educates and increases empathy. This workshop will benefit delegates who are looking for more insight into Truth and Reconciliation. Participants will leave the workshop better prepared to address the histories of their regions. Following this workshop, join the University of Alberta Museums for behind-the-scenes tours of some of the 29 interdisciplinary and diverse museum collections on the University of Alberta campus. Tours include: the Print Study Centre (University of Alberta Art Collection), the Mactaggart Art Collection (rare works of art, textiles, costumes, paintings, handscrolls from ancient and modern East Asia), Ethnographic Collections, and many of their science collections that house plants, insects, dinosaurs, and more.